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Something about the perfect hoodie - for everyone, It instantly highlights your personal style and confidence. An effortless cool. Believe in the superpower of the perfect hoodie. We do.

We are Drakes California, A small team of California dreamers creating and producing in glorious California, USA. We are devoted to the craft of creating to make you feel something - pieces that reflect our passion for color, vintage, music, friendship, and love. 

Time and shared experiences built us, and we have all along been building this brand for you. A love affair with clothing that speaks to an attainable lived-in lifestyle of joy. The effortless Cool. 

Drakes California has a desire and need, as a new brand to question and challenge the way things in our industry have always been done and from that create a new standard.

100% cotton french terry.


The Out Of Bed Grabbing Coffee Hoodie. The wear It With Your Leather Hoodie. The Hide From The Cameras Hoodie. The Recording Studio After Hours Hoodie. The Working Late Suit Jacket Off Hoodie. The Around The Clock Saving Lives Hoodie. The Stole It From Your Brother Hoodie. The Look Cool Without Trying Hoodie. The Surfer Out Of The Ocean Grabbing food Hoodie. The On The Mountain In Powder No Jacket Hoodie. The Skater Dropping In Hoodie. The Waiting On Line For Limited Sneakers Hoodie. The Wear It With Your Stilettos Hoodie. The Curl With Your Dog Take a Nap Hoodie. The Just Leave It On Your Chair Wear It Everyday Hoodie